NIGHT LIGHTS by Bebee has evolved to become the PREFERRED choice for production companies throughout the entertainment industry and beyond for specialized lighting needs. When it comes to efficient, effective location lighting, NIGHT LIGHTS by Bebee is unmatched by anyone, anywhere, anytime!


At NIGHT LIGHTS by Bebee we consistently deliver safe, effective, reliable location lighting. We eliminate logistical nightmares and we save our customers money. Call us at 310-605-5001 to find out how we can solve all your lighting needs.

- Efficient -
- Economical -
- Excellence -

  • Soundproof Generators
  • Flicker-free Ballasts
  • 360° Turret Rotation
  • 180° Light Rack Rotation with 80° Tilt
  • 300° Individual Light Rotation with 160° Tilt
  • Remote Controlled, Camera Guided Lights for Exact Placement
  • Gel, Spot, and Flood Individually or as a Group
  • Up to 130 feet high
  • Our one man, fully self-contained units are cost effective, reliable and ready for "action" in about 15 minutes!

Our Trucks

Our trucks are FULLY self-contained and ready for "action" in less than 15 minutes with NO additional rental costs. Our high-tech trucks only need one person to operate and can make a COMPLETE move in literally minutes.

Our Lights

A Bebee Light Truck features up to FIFTEEN 6K Lights that can work as a group or individually. They can literally light in 15 different directions at the same time. You would need five 18K Lights to match the power of ONE Bebee Light truck.


Our NEWEST location in Atlanta caters to the booming Georgia film and television industry. We are very excited about offering more cost-effective lighting solutions for Georgia!


Conveniently located in Southern California, we are local to nearly any city in the Southland. We've been lighting Hollywood for decades. Note: our Mini trucks are no longer available in California.


Located in Austin, we can get our custom lighting trucks to any location in the South in less than a day.


How do our lights stack up? Click here to see our Photometrics to determine which lights will meet your needs.

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If you have questions about our lights or trucks, don't hesitate to call us at 310-605-5001 or send us your message.

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